I am new to protocol buffer and try to follow through the following example 
that can encode different message type:

message OneMessage {
  enum Type { FOO = 1; BAR = 2; BAZ = 3; }

  // Identifies which field is filled in.
  required Type type = 1;

  // One of the following will be filled in.
  optional Foo foo = 2;
  optional Bar bar = 3;
  optional Baz baz = 4;

So the from generated code, I would expect an access method such as 
set_foo() set_bar and set_baz() so that I can connect Foo object to the 
message. But I don't see it at all, there are methods such as has_foo() 
has_bar() and has_baz() etc.

What did I miss? 



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