I have c# code which serialize an objects (using protobuf-net) and I am 
able to deserialize it in c++ using protocol buffer. 
The serialize data is the form as 
I extract it using code below 

OOGLE_PROTOBUF_VERIFY_VERSION; string fpath = "animal.bin";

fstream input(fpath, ios::in | ios::binary);if (!input){
    cerr << "failed to open " << fpath << endl;
    return false;}ZeroCopyInputStream *raw_in = new 
IstreamInputStream(&input);CodedInputStream *coded_in = new 
google::protobuf::uint32 n;
std::string tmpStr;
animal::animalInfo animalList;

cout << "# " << n << endl;  //output: #10
coded_in->ReadRaw(&tmpStr,n); //tmpStr shows data like >>1..Rat..Ch 
animalList.ParseFromArray(&tmpStr,1); //Get serialized data to animalList

While it does the job. 

I am wondering what is the recommended way for doing this in protocol 
buffer. Specially I will like not to have to directly read Varint32 etc 
from "<header><MsgLen><Msg>"  to get 1 message @ a time. 
Also more importantly, how can I extract all the objects together ?

Any advice here will be helpful.

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