The B.proto needs to be packaged into a jar file and listed as a dependency 
in your project. In that case the maven-protoc-plugin will do as stated in 
the documentation:

The Plugin automatically scans all project dependencies for bundled .proto 
> files, and configures proto_path of the Protocol Buffer Compiler to use 
> those files as imports.


So if you start with a maven module with one file, and the appropriate 
pom.xml with maven-protoc-plugin configured
it will produce 'B.jar' which you can reference as a dependency from A's 


Paul Nyheim

On Wednesday, May 15, 2013 12:30:16 PM UTC+2, Safi Ali wrote:
> Hi,
> I am using maven-protoc-plugin version 0.3.1 to compile my protoc 
> definations. Protoc version is 2.5.0.
> I am having trouble adding the --proto_path in my maven protoc plugin 
> configuration (in pom.xml).
> I have a protoc file (say A.protoc) which imports another protoc file (say 
> B.protoc) from a different directory.
> I can compile A.protoc from command line using protoc, if I mention the 
> path to B.protoc in the --proto_path argument. For example:-
> protoc --java_out=. --proto_path='/path/to/imported_protoc_files:.' A.proto
> This gives me the java output.
> But when I build using maven plugin, it cant seem to find the imported 
> file (B.protoc). I have been trying to different ways to specify the 
> --proto_path but I havent figured out how to add that to my pom.xml 
> configuration. 
> I get this output when I try to build from maven:-
> [INFO] --- maven-protoc-plugin:0.3.1:compile (default) @ tac-api ---
> [INFO] Compiling 5 proto file(s) to /my/output/path
> [ERROR] protoc failed output: 
> [ERROR] protoc failed error: B.proto: File not found.
> A.proto: Import "B.proto" was not found or had errors.
> A.proto:23:12: "types.Cell" is not defined.
> And this is my pom.xml protoc configuration:-
>                       <plugin>
>     <groupId></groupId>
>     <artifactId>maven-protoc-plugin</artifactId>
>     <version>0.3.1</version>
>     <configuration>
>         <protocExecutable>protoc</protocExecutable>
>  <protoSourceRoot>${project.basedir}/src/test/resources/</protoSourceRoot>
>         <languageSpecifications>
>             <LanguageSpecification>
>                <language>JAVA</language>
>                <outputDirectory>
>                     ${project.basedir}/target/generated-sources/java
>                </outputDirectory>
>             </LanguageSpecification>
>         </languageSpecifications>                     
>     </configuration>
>                             <executions>
>         <execution>
>             <goals>
>                 <goal>compile</goal>
>             </goals>
>         </execution>
>     </executions>
> </plugin>
> I have tried to search different forums but didnt find any clear 
> instructions of how to get around this in pom.xml. Can some point me in the 
> right direction?
> Regards,
> Safi

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