I'm currently using Netty with it's Protobuf 
 Encoder) support to pass data between components in my application 
architecture. It's working very well.

I'm at the stage where I'd like to expose one TCP connection to my web 
frontend which can serialize and de-serialize protobuf messages to a 
variety of different components.

I have Component A which establishes the connection to the WebFrontend.

Component B and, Component C establish a TCP connection each to Component A.

Messages are sent from the WebFrontend to Component A which unwraps them 
and dispatches them to the correct component (B or C). Response messages 
are sent from B or C and wrapped to be sent to the WebFrontend by Component 
A. The problem I'm having is how to wrap the response message to be sent to 
the WebFrontend so it knows "oh, this came from Component A, let me 
deserialize it to this type."

Apologies if this is unclear, ask me any questions and I'll add as much 
relevant detail as I can.

Any advice or suggestion for software tools or libraries that already 
provide this "proxy" functionality is greatly appreciated.



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