I've found what I was doing wrong - just a problem of including PB library 
to the project. That situation happens when uses only the generated .java 
file w/o PB library. I found this simple solution and want to remove this 
post but it did not appeared to the list so that I forgot to remove when it 
comes. :p

Anyway, thanks for checking Feng Xiao. :)

ps. Uhh.. I think I've wrote another post for this reply just a couple of 
minute before - maybe that was a button for 'create a new post'. If so, 
there would be a post that is almost same to this reply. I'll remove that 
if possible.

On Sunday, June 2, 2013 3:58:59 AM UTC+9, Byungnam Lim wrote:
> Hi. I'm new to PB.
> I'm using java and want write data through socket. I was about to use 
> writeTo(*OutputStream*) method but it wasn't there and only writeTo(*
> CodedOutputStream*) was found.
> I've googled for 2 hours and seems that I'm the only one suffering from 
> this situation.
> My protobuf version is 2.5.0. Did the writeTo(OutputStream) method gone? 
> Is there any restriction to being able to use that method?

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