I am facing problem in getting Message with extension from JSON string  
{"xyz": [1234,2345,3456],"extensions":{"bar": [1,11,111]}} which is 
generated from Foo.
message Foo {
 repeated int32 xyz = 11;
 extensions 100 to 199; 
extend Foo {
 repeated int32 bar = 123;
The word "extensions" in the JSON stirng is just added to differentiate 
with other normal fileds.
Now, when I try to deserialize protobuf, i.e protobuf Message from JSON 
string. Facing difficulty here.
fd is NULL, when FindExtensionByName or FindKnownExtensionByName is called .
Foo foo;
Message *x = &foo; 
const FiledDescriptor *fd;
fd = x->GetDescriptor()->FindExtensionByName("bar")    or 

fd = x->GetReflection()->FindKnownExtensionByName("bar");
 Could you point out any error in steps which I am following or Is there 
any other better approach?

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