We have been having good success with embedding protobuf messages as a 
means of specifying all the standard
processes, with options, for our Geophysics and Geology processing and 
modelling software base.

Protobuf technology was so close to elements of an internally grown system 
we had evolved over many years, that it has proven very easy to
transition, and then get the benfit of being able to easily publish our 
"data model", and to get the benefit of the much improved
parsers and automatic java and C_++ code base.  Not withstanding all of 
that, it has still taken 2 years, as our code base is very large.

The protobuf plugin for Eclipse is also a great tool, and helps a lot.
This leads me to the question -
We have also been trying to improve the use of our GUI's by using Eclipse 
Model Framework. This has an XML style way of capturing the
the schemas.  Going to the next stage of abstraction and design, Rich 
Client Platform would appear to be an interesting way of
joining some of the protbuf ideas, and extending them to also include 
options for data elements and parameters, to include
ranges, units, and ways of automating GUI components to prompt and/or edit 

So, the question is, has anyone thought of this and given it  a go?  How 
active is the protobuf community with using Eclipse?

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