as i understood protocol buffer, it can support many languages such 
that serializing and de-serializing happens same language, example server 
and client should remain in C++ only , if i use protocol buffer c++ unit to 
share data? OR Server and client can remain in different lang and still 
share data?

correct me if i am wrong here. i am looking for some solution where beyond 
data that is being stored/shared, function calls that are made from one 
language can be executed over network in one of the supported solutions.
typical real life system involve C++, C# and Java built components talking 
across. but since they cant understand each other directly, the most they 
can communicate is via data. i think protocol buffer helps here.
(if my above questions answer is yes).

also if i want to make another function call from C# component to C++ 
component , currently COM dll achieves it via marshelling/unmarshelling and 
achieves the same. can we extend protocol buffer to this level or support 
up to this level already exist with protocol buffer advance features?

to me it seems possible by exposing function of the solutions registered 
under some compilation unit by tagging them and availing results back from 
function in protocol buffer objects format. 
exmple all functions tagged for exposure from Java code, are exposed as 
some global namespace object and protocol buffer compiler should accept 
call from C++ code or C# code and vice versa call can happen.

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