Hi All,

I'd like to extend protocol buffers by something like this:

message DateFormat {
  optional int32 year = 1 [default = 1970; min = 1970; max = 2010];
  optional int32 month = 2 [min = 1; max = 12];
  optional int32 day = 3 [min = 1; max = 31];
  repeated OtherMsg foobar = 4 [max_size= 10]; 

And in the generated code:

DateFormat msg;

// returns true if all members are between max and min
bool success = msg.sanityCheck();

// calculate the maximum size of the serialized stream:
int max_bytestream_size = msg.MaxByteStreamSizeIfSerializedToString();

I'm just wondering what could be the easiest way to do this? I'm not too 
familiar with the deep details of protobufs.
My first approach was to write a small parser in python which generates 
helper classes. But it's not very nice, maybe there is nicer solution 

Thx for hints,


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