this might be quite the newbie question, but I haven't been able to find 
any hints through googling, so here it goes:
What I'm trying to to is send orotobuf messages between an Android App a 
Python Script containing (among other things) a list of key-value pairs (if 
The solution that I came up with was just defining my own “tuple” as 
another protobuf message and then including a repated field of said type, 
like so:

message CheckMessage {
message BalanceUpdateMessage{
required int32 transactionID = 1;
required sint32 amount = 2;
required int32 amount = 3;
required sint32 newBalance = 5;
repeated BalanceUpdateMessage balanceUpdates = 4;

and then try to fill the balaceUpdates in Python (the checkMessages are 
embedded in another packetMessage):

        balanceUpdateMessage = 
        balanceUpdateMessage.transactionID = 1111
        balanceUpdateMessage.amount = 2222


But when I run this, I get the error:

AttributeError: 'RepeatedCompositeFieldContainer' object has no attribute 

... I kind of expected my approach to fail, but not with an error message 
like this :D

So my question is: Is it even possible to send multiple key,value - pairs 
with protobuf and if yes, how? Or if I'm on the right track: what is my 

( I know that one usually would set the contents of a “nested” message with 
= 333 (or so), but since I'm dealing with a repeated field that neither 
works nor would it make sense (to me, at least). )

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