Just a little more info. Apparently if I take out the seekg and only used 
one coded stream for the entire file  from the example code (since the 
example code is just looping over all messages in a vector, there is no 
real *NEED* for a byte offset from the header though it IS a feature that I 
want in the future), everything is peachy. Using the same concept (only one 
zero input stream and codedinputstream for the whole file instead of having 
to create new ones for each MyMessage), but putting the seekg in (which 
should really just move the the ifstream's position to where it currently 
is) doesn't work. Using a new zero input and coded input streams per 
MyMessage parse and not using seekg also fails.


1) One CodedInputStream for whole file. No seekg. = WORKS
2) One CodedInputStream for whole file. With seekg (which should seekg to 
same byte) = FAILS (message parsing fails for some, parsing ok but invalid 
data for others)
3) Multiple CodedInputStream for each MyMessage. No seekg = FAILS (messages 
parse properly, invalid data)
4) Multiple CodedInputStream for each MyMessage. With seekg = FAILS 
(messages parse properly, invalid data)

So the fact that #2 fails above when #1 works properly is interesting to 
me. I'm not sure why that would be. The results from #3 might be expected 
depending on implementation of construction of the CodedInputStream. #4 is 
basically a combination of the 2 things we know fail, so failing is 
expected there.

Regardless of #1 working above, I would like to be able to not have to read 
the complete contents of the file if I know the byte offset and byte size 
of the message I want to parse. There must be a way.

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