A little bit more info:

So, if I loop over the entries in parsing the file and create a new 
CodedInputStream per entry (so that I don't hit any byte limit warnings) 
AND don't use seekg, everything is ok. Strangely, if I also put in the 
construction of a new IFStreamReader (which is an exact copy except for the 
name from IStreamInputStream) into the same loop, thus making a new 
ZeroCopyingInputStream and a new CodedInputStream per message, the parsing 

So, in this case, constructing the new IStreamInputStream resets some state 
of some sort and causes problems.

Another problem is when I use seekg to change the underlying ifstream. Even 
when only using a single IFStreamReader (a solution that worked previously) 
and using seekg to skip to the same byte location where the stream "should 
be at", causes problems.

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