I am trying to extend a protocol buffer that lives in a different directory 
(and module) in my project. The protobuf I am trying to extend is called 
Simulation and is in the package mats. The .proto file lives in a directory 
called base/. At the same level as base/ is a directory called 
optical_designs/, which houses the extending protobuf, called 
Triarm9Parameters, here is it's .proto file:

import "base/simulation_config.proto";

message Triarm9Parameters { ... }

extend mats.Simulation {
  optional Triarm9Parameters triarm9_params = 1000;

I am using CMake 2.8's built-in Protobuf support to generate the output 
classes. In each directory with .proto files:

file(GLOB ProtoFiles "${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/*.proto")
PROTOBUF_GENERATE_CPP(ProtoSources ProtoHeaders ${ProtoFiles})

The error I am getting is given below. It looks like because my import has 
the "base/" in it, the "base_2f" is getting inserted into this function 
name. Any ideas on how to fix this behavior?

/.../build/optical_designs/triarm9_parameters.pb.cc:78:11: error: 
      no member named 'protobuf_AddDesc_base_2fsimulation_5fconfig_2eproto' 
      namespace 'mats'; did you mean
/.../build/base/simulation_config.pb.h:420:16: note: 
      'protobuf_AddDesc_simulation_5fconfig_2eproto' declared here
  friend void  protobuf_AddDesc_simulation_5fconfig_2eproto();


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