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> Hello,
> we are using Protobuf to communicate between two devices via Ad-hoc WiFi.
> One of the devices is running a Java application and the other a Python
> application.


> 6. Upon closer inspection, we saw that the parser seems to be doing
> alright, successfully assembling the packet message. However the message is
> only  a few bytes long, and after that the
> parser just keeps reading the byte array(buffer, which is 128 byte long).
> The byte array is filled with 0's. Upon reading a 0 the exception occurs.

Protobuf messages are not self-delimiting; you must provide some other
mechanism yourself to find the end of the message.
The common way is to prefix the message with a length field - see
Or if there is no other data in the UDP datagram you could just use the
datagram length directly (i.e. get rid of the trailing garbage - why are
you padding the datagram in the first place?)


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