I'm quite new to protobufs. 
Using VC++ 2010 Express, I can compile and run the Address_Book example and 
I've created my own protobufs, compiled run and serialised data to and from 
them. All ok.
I want to use the abstract Message interface as defined in 

I used the protobuf definition and code snippets provided in message.h but 
on blue line below:

  Message* foo = new Foo;
  const Descriptor* descriptor = foo->GetDescriptor();

  const FieldDescriptor* text_field = descriptor->FindFieldByName("text");

the error message: "Error: pointer to incomplete class type not allowed" is 
shown in the mouse-over for 'descriptor' and the compiler gives error 
C2027: use of undefined type 'google::protobuf::Descriptor'
If I comment out that line (and subsequent lines in the example), it 
compiles and runs ok and I can see the descriptor (but it does contain 
unknown fields)

Any help would be welcome.

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