I am new to protobuf, encontering a similar problem. 
I want to set up a bidirectional communication framework between Node.js 
process on Linux and C# process on Windows.
I wonder if it possible and what resource I can use.

On Friday, July 15, 2011 12:10:26 AM UTC+8, msdark wrote:

> (sorry for my english).. 
> I do some research to see if its possible to use Protocol buffer with 
> node.js .. and i found this implementation [1] 
> Now i need to know if its possible to do some bidirectional 
> communication between this 2 process (c++ and node.js) .. 
> My project have two parts .. a C++ app and a node.js app .. the C++ 
> app notify to node.js app some events... and in the node.js side.. 
> when the user exec some event, i need to return the message to C++ 
> app.. 
> Is this possible?? 
> is there any example of this?? (maybe i don't search good).. 
> Thanks in advance.

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