I have exteded data in my .proto file:

option java_outer_classname = "Foobar";
message Foo {
    optional int32 i = 1;
    extensions 10 to 99999;
message Bar {
    extend Foo {
        optional int32 j = 10001;
        optional string name = 10002;
message Msg {
    optional Foo foo = 1;

So, here is code which i'm using to parse data using DynamicMessage:
// Create data
        Foobar.Foo foo = Foobar.Foo.newBuilder()
                .setExtension(Foobar.Bar.j, 456)
                .setExtension(Foobar.Bar.name, "simpleName")
        Foobar.Msg msg = Foobar.Msg.newBuilder().setFoo(foo).build();
        byte[] msgData = msg.toByteArray();

        // register extensions
        ExtensionRegistry registry = ExtensionRegistry.newInstance();

        final DescriptorProtos.FileDescriptorSet fds =

        Descriptors.Descriptor descriptor =
                Descriptors.FileDescriptor.buildFrom(fds.getFile(0), new 

        // build Msg from data using dynamically created descriptor
        DynamicMessage dynamicMessage = 
DynamicMessage.parseFrom(descriptor, msgData, registry);
        System.out.println("dynamically created descriptor: " + 
        // build Msg from data using manually created descriptor
        DynamicMessage dynamicMessage1 = 
DynamicMessage.parseFrom(Foobar.Msg.getDescriptor(), msgData, registry);
        System.out.println("manually created descriptor: " + 

dynamically created descriptor: {"foo": {"i": 123, "10001": [456], "10002": 
manually created descriptor: {"foo": {"i": 123,"Bar.j": 456,"Bar.name": 

So, dynamicMessage1 parsed correctly - it has fields "Bar.j" and "Bar.name" 
which were parsed as extensions.
But dynamicMessage parsed incorrectly - those fields parsed as unknown 
fields and their names are equal to thier numbers - "10001" and "10002".

May be problem is in getting descriptor for the "Msg" message? Is it 
correct way to get the descriptor dynamicaly?

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