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New issue 552 by PC-Lint accusing errors in atomicops.h and type_traits.h

When checking a source file that includes the protocol buffer library v2.5.0 with PC-Lint 9.00j in VS2010 the following two errors happen:

1) atomicops.h:161:
// Include our platform specific implementation.
#error "Atomic operations are not supported on your platform"

-- PC-Lint does not recognize the #error directive inside the #define.

2) type_traits.h:105:
#if defined(_MSC_VER)
// wchar_t is not by default a distinct type from unsigned short in
// Microsoft C.
// See
template<> struct is_integral<__wchar_t> : true_type { };
template<> struct is_integral<wchar_t> : true_type { };

-- PC-Lint does not have the type __wchar_t defined.

For error number 1), it seems that PC-Lint is right in accusing an preprocessor error and that MSVC just allows that code by chance. There is a similar case when trying to use #pragma warning directives inside a macro definition, where one should use __pragma directives (c.f. Since #error does not have the __error version, one possible solution would be eliminating the #define GOOGLE_PROTOBUF_ATOMICOPS_ERROR and just simply copy paste the #error directive where the symbol GOOGLE_PROTOBUF_ATOMICOPS_ERROR is used. This would have a low-impact since the symbol is used only three times in the same header where it is defined.

For error number 2), PC-Lint is wrong in not defining the type __wchar_t. But looking at the practical side, it seems that the type __wchar_t is not a widely used type, since even microsoft headers don't use it (actually just one C++/CLI header uses it). It was defined in the compiler just to be the type that wchar_t will map to when a compiler option is specified. Even the implementation of is_integral in VS2010's STL doesn't use it directly, what it does is this:
        struct _Is_integral<wchar_t>
                : true_type
        {       // determine whether _Ty is integral

So only when wchar_t is mapped to __wchar_t, then we will define _Is_integral to it.

For better conformance with the is_integral define in the STL, I would suggest using:
#if !defined(_MSC_VER) || defined(_NATIVE_WCHAR_T_DEFINED)
template<> struct is_integral<wchar_t> : true_type { };

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