I just wanted to confirm an approach I intend to take for decoding protobuf 
messages on an embedded system with a restricted C++ environment.

This embedded system has an object method that given a RootObj, it allows 
me to allocate x bytes by RootObj::allocate(x).  Otherwise the heap new 
operator is disallowed.
It will clean up any allocated objects on the RootObj destructor and 
RootObj always outlives any protobuf objects I create.

I am thinking a good way to go will be to change the c++ protoc 
implementation in the source code to add the RootObj& reference in the 
and whenever the current implementation has:
      [X*] ptrX = new X;
I will use
      void* buf = rootObj::allocate(sizeof(X));
      ptrX = new (buf) X;

Will that be sufficient?

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