The protobuf rpc style is like:

message LookupResult{
  optional int32 Id = 1;

message Name {
  optional string name = 1;

service DirLookup {
 rpc ByName (Name) returns (LookupResult);

 I need c/c++ style,like
 message MsgCount
   optional int32 nCount = 1;
service MyService {
  rpc Test (string szName,int32 nId,MsgCount msgCount) returns (int32 
nRet,string szSomeThing);

The difference is :
  1.  If the Request and Response parameter is based type(int32 ,string, 
bytes..), the parameter not need wrap to message
  2.  The Request and Response can have more than one parameter

 Can someone tell me how to implement it? Or already have a implement?

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