How save proto object in txt-file?

среда, 14 августа 2013 г., 11:59:51 UTC+3 пользователь написал:
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> Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium 
> New issue 544 by C++ headers use unqualified   
> (=potentially ambiguous) names from std namespace 
> When used alongside a library that reuses (in a separate namespace) names 
> from the standard library, protobuf headers may fail to compile with   
> an "ambiguous symbol" error. 
> In my case, my project uses uBLAS, which defines the template   
> boost::numeric::ublas::vector. Now I can't include the headers message.h, 
> generated_message_reflection.h, unknown_field_set.h unmodified, because   
> they refer to vector<...> rather than std::vector<...>, which creates an   
> ambiguity in the context in which I'm including them. 
> A quick search through the code shows that this is a consistent pattern 
> (at   
> least with regards to the name "vector"), so I'm a little puzzled. 
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