I have used google protocol buffers in the past and like them a lot. I need 
to set up communication between a embedded processor (we are using IAR 
workbench and the tool chain associated with it) and a standard Linux 

I am only working on the 'application to application' part at the moment. I 
have loaded the google protocol buffer source code, compiles the package, 
installed it, compiled the example code (address book) and also run protoc 
and gotten come .cc and .h files. This all sounds good (It only took a 
couple of hours). Now I want to compile the .cc file with the IAR compiler. 
It seems that IAR is not very up to date with the STL.  Google protocol 
buffers does make use of the STL. Is there any way I can get it not to be 
dependent on the STL (I know this is kind of backward...the STL is a modern 
way of doing it, but getting my company to drop IAR and use the GNU tool 
chain, just to use protocol buffers is not going to happen.)

We am I screw'd? Or is there some work around.


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