File org.proto

message Optimize {
    required int element_size;
    required string element_name;

message nodes {
    repeated Optimize;

*Have this decoding function:*


    Org::nodes *node = new Org::nodes;
    int element_size;
    string element_name;
    int NumofElem = 0; 

    for (int i = 0; i < Org::nodes().Optimize().size(); i++)
        element_size = Org::nodes().Optimize(i).element_size();
        element_name = Org::nodes().Optimize(i).element_name();
        cout << "size" << element_size << endl;
        cout << "name" << element_name << endl;
        cout << "number of" << NumofElem << endl;
I am encoding a nodes message with three Optimize messages in it. and 
calling this decode function. Encoding part is an old code which is working 
fine from long time. So i dont suspect the encoding function. 

I see that the NumofElem is correctly printed as three. However, i see that 
both element_size & element_name is just garbage. Interger has some junk 
value and string has a binary data.

I am having this issue only if this repeated fields. If fields are 
required/optional fields, then i dont have this issue.

Could some one has similar issue... ? if so any clues on how to fix this ?


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