Hi all,

I'm trying to develop a plugin in order to autogenerate code that is 
specific to my application.
While a maybe simpler strategy is to make my code use the files generated 
by the c++ plugin I'm trying to write the plugin from scratch.

So as explained in the documentation I've added to my package

*import "google/protobuf/descriptor.proto";extend 
google.protobuf.FieldOptions {    optional int32 *

*testext = 50000;}...message replyT {   enum ackT {      ok = 
0;uninterpreted_option_size      failed = 1;   }      required ackT ack = 1 
[ (testext) = 42 ];}*
now the question is how do I access to "readonly options" ?

I've been able to dump 50000  42 using


*class TestGenerator: public CodeGenerator {    int i;public:    
TestGenerator(const string& name) {};    virtual ~TestGenerator() {};    
virtual bool Generate(const FileDescriptor* file,                          
const string& parameter,                          GeneratorContext* 
context,                          string* error) const    {*

assuming (i and j are correct)

but apart of this I haven't been able after exploring the documentation how 
to test if a field has the extension *testext* enabled  (even by using 
50000) and the value assigned.

The Language guide suggests 
but the GetExtension method uses a type that is only generated insied the 
*.pb.h so I can't use it in may generator.

string value = MyMessage::descriptor()->options().GetExtension(my_option);

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