Hi there,

I'm using protobuf on a Embedded system.
While I'm trying to add large amount of data I'm running into the issue 
that the container.add_data() for repeated fields takes long.

I'm trying to add 8000 elements by calling add.

for(size_t i = 0; i < event.size; i++) {
> // Create a new accel protobuf
> ::pb_Accel* newAccel = accelContainer.add_data();
>  // Set the data
> newAccel->set_y(event.data[i].Y);
> newAccel->set_z(event.data[i].Z);
>  }

The add_data function takes 32 nanosecs. It does this for each call!
This gives a total time of 0.256 seconds. I want to optimize this so it can 
go faster.

I've already tried adding a reserve function before I enter the loop but 
that doesn't make any difference.

Any sugestions? Is there perhaps some other way of handeling pointers to 
the protobuf data?


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