I have a project made up of several modules. Up until now all of my 
protobuf files have all been defined together in the same module A, so them 
referring to each other via import statements has not been difficult. 
Module A has many proto files all packaged into a zip file something like 
A-1.3-SNAPSHOT-protobuf-src.zip, this zip file has asset.proto

However now I have created a new proto file in a second module B and it 
needs to reference one of the definitions in A. In B.proto I try to import 
it using import "asset.proto";

In B.pom I've defined a dependency on A-1.3 SNAPSHOT, the pom looks 
something like this:



When I run maven I always get the error that asset.proto: File not found.

Can someone please explain the proper way to refer to other external proto 

Thanks, Derek

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