I wanted to defined custom Field- and Message options by the same name 
(having the same meaning but in different scope). For example:

import "descriptor.proto";
extend google.protobuf.FieldOptions {
  optional bool aligned = 2000;

extend google.protobuf.MessageOptions {
  optional bool aligned = 2000;              // line 293

This results in the following protoc error:

tst_protobuf.proto(293) : error in column=17: "aligned" is already defined 
in "tst_protobuf".

However, if remove the option from the MessageOptions and try to compile a 
protocol with messages like:

message test1
  optional int64 fld = 10 [(aligned)=true];

message test2
  option (aligned) = true;
  optional int64 fld = 10;

Then I will get an error depending on which of the custom 'align' options I 

tst_protobuf.proto(293) : error in column=10: Option field "(aligned)" is 
not a field or extension of message "MessageOptions".


tst_protobuf.proto(298) : error in column=28: Option field "(aligned)" is 
not a field or extension of message "FieldOptions".

Is this a known/design limitation? Are there pattern in place for naming 
the options according to where they are used (like 'message_alignment' vs. 


Dror Harari

p.s. the original error is reported in descriptor.cc in AddSymbol...

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