Hi guys,

  I am blocked by this tricky issue. That is when I define a repeated 
string field in one extension, I find there's no way to know the size of 
that extension. For example:

  extend Truck {
    repeated string lights = 1001;
  In this case, if you would like to get one "light" string out from the 
extension, you can surely call obj->GetExtension(lights, index); In this 
way you may get the string stored at the position that index indicates; 
however, there should be a way to know the total number of this field 
anyway, otherwise you won't know where to stop, right?

  Now this is the problem! There's simply no such a way for us to know the 
size of "lights".

  I have no idea, I checked the documentation and read the code. But I 
haven't found any clue. Could anyone please help me? I appreciate a lot for 
any clue you guys would share :)


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