For our application, we chose a protobuf format without delimiting. We 
thought the EOF that would occur when reading the file would suffice. (For 
those interested: It's the Bitcoin wallet format for bitcoinj-based apps)

Now I'd like to wrap it in an encryption layer. Unfortunately, the 
encryption I want to use is a padding block cipher. That means after the 
encrypt/decrypt roundtrip you'll end up with zero bytes appended to the 
serialized protobuf.

I know I could switch my serialization code to the readDelimitedFrom() and 
writeDelimitedTo() pair, but that would make the format incompatible due to 
the prepended varint length field.

*Question:* Is it possible, either programmatically or by declaring it in 
the .proto file, that a zero tag ends the deserialization just like an EOF 
would do?

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