I was pretty excited to be incorporating protocol buffers into my Visual 
Studio C++ project (with a Python GAE back-end), but it doesn't look like 
it's going to work out.

The .sln included in the 2.5 download 
 way out of date, and even Visual Studio 2012 (latest is VS 
2013) generated a number of warnings as it attempted to automatically 
update the project to be usable.  Maybe this works with VS2010?  or 
VS2008?  Anyway, building the solution mostly seemed to work, although one 
project failed, and several warning messages were generated along the way.  
Most of the tests included in the download package succeeded nevertheless, 
so I thought I'd give it a try.

However, after extracting the include files as described in the readme.txt, 
and generating my proto.cpp, I couldn't even get it to compile, with Visual 
Studio issuing a number of complaints about "see reference to function 
template instantiation" among other things.

Very disappointing.  There's just too much going wrong to try to sort all 
this out. Oh well, I needed something lightweight, anyway, and I must say 
that with the MBs of materials, I suspect it was going to increase the size 
of my executable unacceptably.  

If someone ever gets this working under Visual Studio 2012 (and it's not 
too much work), please let me know!

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