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> Comment #11 on issue 434 by With 
> PROTOCOL_BUFFERS_PYTHON_IMPLEMENTATION=cpp, parent object deleted while child 
> still exists: causes segmentation fault
> Another xoogler here.  Unfortunately convinced my team to use protocol 
> buffers and now we run into this.  An ETA would be really handy...
> Considering that someone went to the work of finding the one-line patch that 
> solves this, and that Google has not found the time to address it in eighteen 
> months, perhaps it's the case that Google should relinquish control of this 
> project that they clearly no longer have the time to support?
> Neither fixing this or allowing others to fix this is very frustrating...

I think one should recognize the fact the public edition, and feeding back from 
there, ranks "less than top" in Google priorities.

While I am thankful this has been made public, I am getting concerned about the 
viability of this code base for outside projects which must rely on a working 
patch cycle.

This suggests it may time to consider to fork a community-supported protobuf, 
since the current approach is a bit too dangerous for folks relying on this 
code base as maintained in the current style. "When we get around to it, and 
no, we dont merge that patch" is inadaequate for many relying on this.

I'd think there's a large enough user base behind this to make such an effort 

- Michael Haberler

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