I noticed that if I have a message with a repeated field of an enumeration 
type, such as:

message foo {
    enum bar_e {
   repeated bar_e bars = 1;

The code generation seems to have an error in typing when accessing the 
repeated field. I would expect that the line:


to return me a RepeatedField<bar_e>, but it actually returns 
RepeatedField<int32>. I understand that enums and int32 are convertible, 
but it seems ... strange.

This is evident when I try to use the C++11 for loops, because this doesn't 

    for (bar_e bar: foo.bars())

Instead, I have to do something like:

   for (int bar_int : foo.bars())

and then static_cast it to the enumeration ... or use a standard for loop, 
since foo.bar(x) returns the enum as you would expect.

Is this intended behavoir? And if so, why?


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