Hi everyone,
I have never used protocol buffers before so forgive me if some of my terms 
are wrong.

I have a project that uses protocol buffers for sending and receiving 
data.Basically,the messages have already been defined in a *.proto file
and the *.pb.cc and *.pb.h have already been generated.All of this works 
fine.The problem i am now facing is that i need to use this project
as a DLL in another project,therefore i need to export the methods to be 
invoked by the external project.Some of the methods i need to call
use the members of the classes from the generated classes in the *.pb.cc 
and *pb.h.How can i export these members to be used?I have tried adding 
the export symbols in front of the classes i need to export but it doesn't 
work,do i maybe have to regenerate the files?
Any help will be highly appreciated...

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