Hi all,

I am using C++ to send protobuf messages with repeated fields over a 
socket. Note that repeated fields are also protobuf messages.

To send a protobuf message over a socket, I am serializing it with 
SerializeToString, and then I am sending the string over the socket in a 
packet. My network packet contains a uint32_t which contains the size of 
the packet and the serialized protobuf string. The size of the packet is 
obtained by calling sizeof(serialized_protobuf_message).

When I receive the packet on the other side of the network, I determine the 
size of the serialized protobuf message, read this amount of bytes from the 
socket, and then attempt to parse it back into a protobuf message. The 
message is successfully parsed, but I am not able to detect more than one 
element in a repeated field, even when multiple elements had been set.

Is there anything I am missing? Why would I not be able to parse all 
repeated elements?


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