I am working ona Windows CE 5.0 device with .net compact framework2.0.
I am trying to serialize this class (i'll summarize as the object is much 

public class Anag {
    public Anag() {
         persons = new Dictionary<String,Person>();
         adresses = new Dictionary<Int32, Address>;
    public Dictionary<String, Person> persons {get; set;};
    public Dictionary<Int32, Address> addresses {get; set;};

class Person {
        public int Id {get;set;}
        public string Name {get;set:}

class Address {
        public string Line1 {get;set;}
        public string Line2 {get;set;}

I load up the Anag class with data the serialize with

Anag anag = loadAnag();
FileStream fs = File.Create(fileName);
Serializer.Serialize<Anag>(fs, ana);

but i get:

System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException was unhandled
    at System.Reflection.RuntimePropertyInfo.GetValue()
    at ProtoBuf.Serializers.TupleSerializer.GetValue()
    at ProtoBuf.Serializers.TupleSerializer.Write()
    at ProtoBuf.Meta.RuntimeTypeModel.Serialize()
    at ProtoBuf.ProtoWriter.WriteObject()
    at ProtoBuf.Serializers.TagDecorator.Write()
    at ProtoBuf.Serializers.ListDecorator.Write()
    at ProtoBuf.Serializers.PropertyDecorator.Write()
    at ProtoBuf.Serializers.TypeSerializer.Write()
    at ProtoBuf.Meta.RuntimeTypeModel.Serialize()
    at ProtoBuf.Meta.TypeModel.SerializeCore()
    at ProtoBuf.Meta.TypeModel.Serialize()
    at ProtoBuf.Meta.TypeModel.Serialize()
    at ProtoBuf.Serializer.Serialize()

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