Hi all,

I have a simple class with reference to parent object. All objects are in 
one list (even parent objects). Is it possible to keep references 
references after deserialization? 

In my code I have something like this:

    public class ProtoItem
        public int Value { get; set; }

        [ProtoMember(2, AsReference = true)]
        public ProtoItem BaseItem { get; set; }

And main looks like that:

        static void Main()
            var itemParent = new ProtoItem { Value = 1 };
            var item2 = new ProtoItem { Value = 2, BaseItem = itemParent };
            var item3 = new ProtoItem { Value = 3, BaseItem = itemParent };

            var parentListToWrite = new List<ProtoItem> {itemParent, item2, 

            const string file = "protofile.txt";
            try { File.Delete(file); }
            catch { };

            using (var fs = File.OpenWrite(file)) { Serializer.Serialize(fs,    
                 parentListToWrite); }

        List<ProtoItem> readList;
        using (var fs = File.OpenRead(file)) { readList = 
            Serializer.Deserialize<List<ProtoItem>>(fs); }

        if (readList[0] == readList[2].BaseItem)
            //how to make it equal?
        if (readList[0] == readList[1].BaseItem)
            //how to make it equal?

Is it possible to deserialize that if conditions works?

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