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New issue 649 by Windows: IE Dev Channel (App-V?) causes protobuf tests to fail on the C: drive

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Install IE dev channel
2. Build protobuf using the MSVC project files
3. Run the test binaries

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

I expect all tests to pass.

Instead, I get an error in CommandLineInterfaceTest.OutputDirectoryIsFileError.

The error I get is:

..\src\google\protobuf\compiler\ error: Value of: expected_substring
Actual: "foo.proto/: Not a directory"
Expected: a substring of error_text_
Which is: "s6j4./proto2_cli_test_temp/foo.proto/foo.proto.MockCodeGenerator.test_generator: No such file or directory"

I spent some time debugging this issue on the mumble-releng issue tracker:

It turns out that it's IE Dev Channel that's causing the issue.

The issue is the following:

We have a file, foo.proto on the filesystem. We want to use the access() function to determine whether the file is a directory, so we append a slash at the end.

Calling the function with IE Dev Channel (and thus App-V) installed yields the following:

    access("foo.proto/", F_OK) == 0

Without IE Dev Channel/App-V:

    access("foo.proto/", F_OK) == -1

This functionality is used in VerifyDirectoryExists in in the protoc compiler:

I am reporting the issue here so there's a record of the issue in the protobuf tracker. I'll submit a bug report to Microsoft as well.

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