I am using zeromq with protobuf to send/recieve messages but code was 
crashing on receiver end while *ParseFromString *with Segmentation fault 

Scan is my message and i has float data types as repeated filed.

*sender.cpp   // part of code sending*

*Scan proto_ls_msg;*



*std::string ls_msg_str;*


*zmq::message_t request (ls_msg_str.size());*

*memcpy (request.data(), ls_msg_str.c_str(),ls_msg_str.size());*

*socket.send (request);*

*collector.cpp **// part of code recieving*

*zmq::message_t recieved;*

*socket.recv (&recieved);*

*std::string ls_msg_str((char*)recieved.data(),recieved.size()); *

*Scan *pb_laser_msg_rcv;*

*pb_laser_msg_rcv->ParseFromString(ls_msg_str); // <--  Segmentation fault 

Is there any example code for sending/recieving with repeated float fields.

thank you.

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