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New issue 655 by String corruption

I am seeing an issue with string corruption under very specific circumstances.

My Proto file:

message MyMessage
   required int32 field1 = 1;
   enum MyEnum
      ENUM_0 = 0;
      ENUM_1 = 1;
      ENUM_2 = 2;
      ENUM_3 = 3;
   optional MyEnum field2 = 2;
   optional string field3 = 3;
   optional string field4 = 4;
   optional string field5 = 5;
   optional string field6 = 6;
   optional string field7 = 7;
   optional string field8 = 8;
   optional string field9 = 9;
   message MySubMessage
      required float field1 = 1;
      required string field2 = 2;
   repeated MySubMessage field10 = 10;

I fill in the message with the following values:
field1 = 1
field2 = ENUM_3
field3 = "ccccccccbaaaaaa"
field4 = "ccccccccbaaaaaab"
field5 = "ccccccccbaaaaaa"
field6 = "ccccccccbaaaaaab"
field7 = "ccccccccbaaaaa"
field8 = "ccccccccbaaaaaabbbb"
field9 = "ddddd"
field10.field1 = 0.91629
field10.field2 = "aaabcccccc"

All of the strings are set using the char* setter. I check the values after adding them and they look good. I then serialize the message and call ParseFromArray to de-serialize.

When I check the values, field3 has been corrupted and comes out as "▒ckk".

If i change the length of field3 to be one more or one less character it works fine. I went down the list of subsequent string fields and tried changing the length of each and it appears to solve the problem as well.

I am using protobuf 2.5 with GCC and running on QNX 6.4.1

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