I am using the 2.5.0 version of the protobuf lib and so far it has been 
okay serializing stuff to file using FileOutputStream.  However, I am now 
trying to use GzipOutputStream, but writing code like the following causes 
a linker error for unresolved external symbol:

rawDataOutput_ = new FileOutputStream(fileDescriptor_);
gzipDataOutput_ = new GzipOutputStream(rawDataOutput_);

Not calling the ctor of GzipOutputStream will compile correctly.

I ran dumpbin /symbols libprotobuf.lib and I cannot seem to find a 
reference to GzipOutputStream, so this could be why I am receiving this 
linker error.  I compiled the lib myself using the provided Visual Studio 
solution files so I do not see why this class would be missing from the lib 
in the first place.

Any ideas?


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