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New issue 657 by Unnecessary dependency against protobuf in third-level targets.

I have C++ generated file, say ``, and I link it into shared library ``. This library is also linked against ``.

When I do include `a.pb.h` in another file, say ``, I can't link it into executable `test` without adding dependency on ``: otherwise, I get undefined symbols errors, like:

"google::protobuf::internal::ExtensionSet::ReleaseMessage(int, google::protobuf::MessageLite const&)" "google::protobuf::internal::ExtensionSet::MutableMessage(int, unsigned char, google::protobuf::MessageLite const&, google::protobuf::FieldDescriptor const*)"

The sum-up of dependencies:

1) test ( includes a.pb.h) depends on ( includes a.pb.h)
2) ( includes a.pb.h) depends on
3) test ( includes a.pb.h) depends on (!)

The possible reason is that I don't know enough about the linking.
The other possible reason is a design flaw in generated files - I don't see any particular reason to link against protobuf every target that already links against generated protobuf files or just includes some .pb.h

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