Comment #17 on issue 493 by protobuf-java (2.5.0) GeneratedMessage#getUnknownFields() not implemented


Users who experience this problem should update their project to use the same version for both halfs of protobuf library instead.

This presumes that developers have full control over the protobuf libraries used. This is not always the case. If I use third-party library A (which was compiled with, and is distributed with protobuf 2.4.1) and third-party library B (which was compiled with, and is distributed with protobuf 2.5) then whichever library I choose, one or other library will not work[*]. I may not have the choice to recompile the third party libraries with different versions of protobufs. This might create a divisive dichotomy in the ecosystem of 3rd party libs: those still on pb <2.4.1 and below, and those on pb >2.5, and never shall one half be used in the same application as the other half.

A suggestion might be to fix up the libraries so that both versions can live side by side - for example by tweaking the package name to include the version number? (on breaking changes only).

[*] I'm assuming the problem goes both ways, I haven't actually tested this yet...

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