I have some questions about the protocol buffer.
We got an error message when parsing data from a website:
"[libprotobuf Error, google/protobuf/wire_format.cc:1053]
String field contains invalid UTF-8 data when parsing a protocol buffer.
Use the 'bytes' type if you intend to send raw bytes."
So we went back to check the source code of protocol buffer, and found that 
this check is controlled by a macro(-DNDEBUG: it means NOT debug mode?, 
according to the comment). And -DNDEBUG disables 
GOOGLE_PROTOBUF_UTF8_VALIDATION(i think?). So, we enabled this 
macro(-DNDEBUG) in the configuration. However, after testing, we still got 
the same error message. And then, we changed all the "String" type to 
"Bytes" typr in XXX.proto. After testing, the same error message showed, 
and "core dump", then the process died. Hope somebody can help us solving 
this problem.
Thank you


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