Hi all,

Homebrew can be used to install protocol buffers on OSX. I've been looking 
into upgrading the homebrew version to 2.6.0. However, I came across a bit 
of a problem -which I think also happens in the 2.5.0 install actually-:

When homebrew installs the python package it uses these (rather cryptic) 
command line switches: --record=installed.txt 
--single-version-externally-managed. I.e. for the 2.6.0 this would become:

$ python setup.py install --cpp_implementation 
--prefix=/some/homebrew/prefix/ --record=installed.txt 

When these command line switches are used the protocol buffers package no 
longer just installs as a single python egg, but also creates a separate 
"google" directory in site packages with some meta information. However, 
when this happens protocol buffers no longer wants to import in Python ( 
i.e. "import google.protobuf" or "import google" all fail).

When I install protocol buffers straight-from-source and leave out the 
single-version-externally-managed/record command line everything works 
fine. But this now no longer works in Homebrew.

I have the feeling that there is an incompatibility between google's 
package and homebrew - or something more fundamental is happening.

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue?


 - bram

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