I'm new to python, and hence, to encoding messages in python. I have a 
proto as follows:

message Configuration {

  enum Events {

      SET_MODE = 10;
      START_TIMER = 12;
      STOP_TIMER = 6;

     message Timer {
            repeated Events events = 1 [packed = true];

   required Timer timer = 1;


In python, I would have something like:

import configuration_data_pb2
from google.protobuf.internal import encoder

config = configuration_data_pb2.Configuration()

config.timer.events.extend([10, 12])

f = open("ConfigModes.bin", "wb")
serializedMessage = config.SerializeToString()

The encoding is accomplished just fine. Since I am not an expert in python, 
nor do I know very well what's inside configuration_data_pb2, I would like 
to know if there is any way I could fill up the events somewhat like this:

config.timer.events.extend([SET_MODE, START_TIMER])


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