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New issue 675 by memory leak

A memory leak is detected by vld(visual leak detector).
I think the problem is caused by this function:
void InitEmptyString() {
  empty_string_ = new string;
empty_string_ will not be deleted later.

In previous version protobuf-2.5.0, empty string is a global std::string
const ::std::string kEmptyString;

protobuf version: protobuf-2.6.0
OS: windows 8.1
build env: visual studio 2013

Some output generated by vld:
d:\sdk\protobuf\protobuf-2.6.0\src\google\protobuf\ (55): ChatServerd.exe!google::protobuf::internal::InitEmptyString + 0x7 bytes d:\sdk\protobuf\protobuf-2.6.0\src\google\protobuf\stubs\common.h (876): ChatServerd.exe!google::protobuf::internal::FunctionClosure0::Run + 0xA bytes d:\sdk\protobuf\protobuf-2.6.0\src\google\protobuf\stubs\ (83): ChatServerd.exe!google::protobuf::GoogleOnceInitImpl + 0xF bytes d:\sdk\protobuf\protobuf-2.6.0\src\google\protobuf\stubs\once.h (127): ChatServerd.exe!google::protobuf::GoogleOnceInit + 0xD bytes d:\sdk\protobuf\protobuf-2.6.0\src\google\protobuf\generated_message_util.h (84): ChatServerd.exe!google::protobuf::internal::GetEmptyString + 0xF bytes

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