Comment #9 on issue 226 by Python API doesn't support reading/writing delimited messages

Here's a workaround - assuming you want to do this because you are writing protobuf messages to sockets. The delimited write simply writes the message length as a varint32 before writing the message itself:

(apologies for unidiomatic code - bit of a python noob)

from google.protobuf.internal.decoder import _DecodeVarint32
from google.protobuf.internal.encoder import _EncodeVarint

def write_message_delimited(socket, msg):
    hdr = []
    _EncodeVarint(hdr.append, len(msg))

def read_message_delimited(socket):
    # int length is at most 4 bytes long
    hdr_bytes = self.socket.recv(4)
    (msg_length, hdr_length) = _DecodeVarint32(hdr_bytes, 0)

    rsp_buffer = io.BytesIO()
    if hdr_length < 4:

    # read the remaining message bytes
    msg_length = msg_length - (4 - hdr_length)
    while msg_length > 0:
        rsp_bytes = self.socket.recv(min(8096, msg_length))
        msg_length = msg_length - len(rsp_bytes)

    return MyMessage.ParseFromString(rsp_buffer.getvalue())

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