Ok… I finally figured out the work around for this. I use a separate .proto 
file that contains my custom options.

package com.lithum.pbnj;

import "google/protobuf/descriptor.proto";

option java_package = "com.lithium.pbnj";

message LiOptions {
    optional bool isPii = 1 [default = false];
    optional bool isEmail = 2 [default = false];
    optional bool isIpAddress = 3 [default = false];

extend google.protobuf.FieldOptions {
    optional LiOptions li_opts = 50101;

Then I compile this .proto into a .java and can use it. When a message uses 
this extension, I can figure out which fields use my options, I use the 
following code:

        Descriptors.FileDescriptor fieldOptionsDesc = 
        Descriptors.FileDescriptor extensionsDesc = 
        Descriptors.FileDescriptor[] files = new 
Descriptors.FileDescriptor[]{fieldOptionsDesc, extensionsDesc};

        DescriptorProtos.FileDescriptorSet set = 
        DescriptorProtos.FileDescriptorProto messages = set.getFile(0);
        Descriptors.FileDescriptor fileDesc = 
Descriptors.FileDescriptor.buildFrom(messages, files);
        Descriptors.Descriptor md = 

        Set<Descriptors.FieldDescriptor> piiFields = Sets.newHashSet();
        for (Descriptors.FieldDescriptor fieldDescriptor : md.getFields()) {
            DescriptorProtos.FieldOptions options = 
            UnknownFieldSet.Field field = 
            if (field != null) {
                Extensions.LiOptions liOptions = 
                if (liOptions.getIsEmail() || liOptions.getIsIpAddress() || 
liOptions.getIsPii()) {

On Saturday, November 1, 2014 4:26:35 AM UTC-7, Oliver wrote:

On 1 November 2014 02:24, Pradeep Gollakota <prade...@gmail.com 
> <javascript:>> wrote: 
> > Confirmed... When I replaced the "md" variable with the compiled 
> Descriptor, 
> > it worked. I didn't think I was mixing the descriptors, e.g. the 
> > MessagePublish message is one that is produced via the compiled API and 
> > parsed using the DynamicMessage API. The isPii extension has been 
> refactored 
> > into a separate proto that is precompiled into my codebase. I.E. the 
> > descriptor for MessagePublish should be loaded dynamically and the 
> > descriptor for the FieldOption I'm defining won't be loaded dynamically. 
> As 
> > far as I can tell, there shouldn't be any mixing of the descriptor 
> pools, 
> > though I may be wrong. 
> This is exactly where the problem is, though - you have: 
> MessagePublish descriptor D1 (from encoded descriptorset) references 
> extension field F1 (from encoded descriptorset) 
> Message descriptor D2 (from pregenerated code) references extension 
> field F2 (from pregenerated code) 
> So if you have a message built from D1 then it thinks it has a field 
> F1; when you ask if it has extension F2 it says "no!" even though 
> they're really the same thing. 
> > Any thoughts on how I can proceed with this project? 
> It seems like a flaw in the API .. In the case I ran into, I could 
> work around it as the processing code only wanted to work with 
> non-option extensions when it had the precompiled code for the 
> extension, so for those well-known message types I'd just look up the 
> descriptor to use from the precompiled set rather than using the 
> in-stream descriptor set (the message format included the descriptors 
> inline). That doesn't really work here though. 
> Can you inspect the options using field descriptors from the encoded 
> descriptorset, rather than using Messages.pii from the pregenerated 
> code? 
> Oliver 

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