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New issue 679 by protobuf causes crash beacuse of mutex lock

What steps will reproduce the problem?
FreeBSD 10, it sometimes crashes on SerializeToOstream

    ostringstream os(ios::out | ios::binary);

and creates a core of binary here is gdb output:

#0  0x00000000004aa1a1 in google::protobuf::internal::Mutex::Lock ()
#1 0x00000000004ab767 in google::protobuf::internal::MutexLock::MutexLock ()
#2  0x00000000004aa011 in google::protobuf::internal::LogMessage::Finish ()
#3 0x00000000004aa0e9 in google::protobuf::internal::LogFinisher::operator= () #4 0x000000000054e623 in google::protobuf::internal::WireFormat::VerifyUTF8StringFallback () #5 0x000000000044b7a2 in google::protobuf::internal::WireFormat::VerifyUTF8String ( data=0x8071b5798 "testtir asdas asda sda sdasdasd dadsad n asdasd\nBilgilerinize.\nSayg�lar�mla,\nSibel Kocaku� �ENG�N\nKalite ve �dari ��ler\n<> e: |\n<http:/"..., size=836, op=google::protobuf::internal::WireFormat::SERIALIZE) at gthr-default.h:199 #6 0x0000000000449007 in emails::Email::SerializeWithCachedSizesToArray (this=0x7ffffffed170, target=0x80702b0a2 "word\" xmlns:x=\"urn:schemas-mic �$\a\b") at #7 0x00000000004ac1e7 in google::protobuf::MessageLite::SerializePartialToCodedStream () #8 0x00000000004ac35d in google::protobuf::MessageLite::SerializeToCodedStream () #9 0x00000000004ac39b in google::protobuf::MessageLite::SerializeToZeroCopyStream ()
#10 0x000000000053b2b0 in google::protobuf::Message::SerializeToOstream ()

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
protobuf 2.5.0

Please provide any additional information below.

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