I was trying to populate and deserialize following message to string:

message SampleSubMessage{
 repeated string str = 1;
 repeated fixed32 val = 2;

message SampleMessage { 
 repeated SampleSubMessage sub = 1; 

I had already set the SetUseShortRepeatedPrimitives to true before 
deserializing the message to string.
However in the output string only integer values were printed in "list 
values" format.

sub {
  str: ""
  str: "4"
  val: [34, 45]
sub {
  str: "2"
  str: "7"
  val: [67]
sub {
  str: "3"

On further investigation i found that follwing code explicitely excludes 
strings and message fields for converting to string.


void TextFormat::Printer::PrintField(const Message& message,
                                     const Reflection* reflection,
                                     const FieldDescriptor* field,
                                     TextGenerator& generator) const {
  if (use_short_repeated_primitives_ &&
      field->is_repeated() &&
*      field*
*->cpp_type() != FieldDescriptor::CPPTYPE_STRING &&      field->cpp_type() 
!= FieldDescriptor::CPPTYPE_MESSAGE*) {
    PrintShortRepeatedField(message, reflection, field, generator);

Could someone please help me understand the reason for this exclusion.

Thank you

Himanshu Agarwal


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